A Kraft Test is one of the most powerful tests you can get to tell you about how well your body is able to metabolise the carbohydrates and sugars you consume.

Those who already follow a low carbohydrate diet will know why this is so important.  But for the majority of the world’s population the health and nutrition information they receive through the health system encourages them to consume plenty of carbohydrates, and to restrict fat and calories to stay healthy.

Global Trends in Diabetes

Across the world the number of people living with diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate – and considerably more in the global South. 

The truth is, the “healthy diet” recommended by the world’s public health nutrition policy makers doesn’t result in long-term health at all. 

For instance: in the UK, while at a population level we have been following the recommended diet. rates of diabetes, obesity and alzheimers are increasing at an ever faster pace.

The problem is we’re leaving it too late to detect Type 2 Diabetes and other conditions associated with the same root cause (metabolic syndrome).   

Once we are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes our pancreas is already impaired. 

Patients are usually offered drugs to “manage” the condition.  But these drugs fail to deal with the root cause – merely treating the symptoms, giving people with Type 2 Diabetes a false sense of hope for the future.   

All that has changed for those whose GPs and practice nurses know about carbohydrate metabolism – and that it’s possible to control blood sugar through low carbohydrate diets, and even remove the need for drugs.

Standard blood tests fail to give a sufficiently early warning for people to take remedial action before the pancreas has given up.

The Kraft Test provides an early warning signal of metabolic dysfunction years, or decades even, ahead of standard diabetes tests.

Testing insulin is severely restricted:  you can’t get a fasting insulin test from your GP except in exceptional cases. 

And you certainly can’t get the Kraft Test anywhere in the NHS despite its valuable predictive power of future risk.

The NHS allows HbA1C or fasting blood glucose) tests, and HOMA-IR (a combined fasting blood glucose and insulin measure) but it misses the early development of metabolic syndrome / insulin resistance when – if known, early remedial action could be taken which would massively reduce the costs and trauma of later ill-health.


Fortunately, it’s possible (in the UK) to get a Kraft Test.  Meterbolic offer this, and have been helping hundreds of people to get insight on their inner metabolism.

This year I’ve started to offer Kraft Tests to help my coaching clients with this insight.  At the end of the Kraft Test they come away with their very  own Kraft Graph.  The graph charts their blood insulin and glucose levels from fasting to several hours after a glucose drink.  The graph tells the story of their pancreatic function.