Real Food Low Carb Lifestyle Course
(“Metabolic Reset”)

Before beginning this course, please read the information below and pay particular attention to the disclaimer.  Once you have read this information in full, if you would like to continue with the course, please complete the Registration Form.

The “Metabolic Reset” course aims to equip you with information enabling you to make decisions about your health and empowering you to make changes that could help you to lose weight, improve the management of your diabetes (even put it in remission), to find joy in food and cooking, feel better in yourself, and much more. Whether you are here at your doctor’s suggestion, have been recommended by a relative or friend, or found us online, we hope that this course is transformative for you.

The course will provide you with information about the low carb lifestyle – including diet but also exercise, sleep and stress management – and helpful tips for how to adopt and maintain this lifestyle. It includes information about disease prevention and treatment, with a focus on weight loss and diabetes.

The course includes 12 weekly sessions which you are encouraged to attend.  If you can’t make one of the events please let us know and we will provide a recording of the session, and access to any other materials that you may have missed.  We will also open a WhatsApp group – only for participants of this group programme.  We will also let you know about other resources and communities which might offer helpful information and support.

This course is run in conjunction with the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) and the course leader is Lesley Adams, who will lead the sessions and answer any questions you might have.


The information presented in this course is just that – information. It is not medical advice or guidance. The person delivering the presentations, and leading the sessions, is not a medical professional.

You must speak with your doctor before making any changes to your medication and you should consult your doctor, or nurse, if you have any questions concerning medication. You should consult your doctor if you have any concerns about making changes to your lifestyle that might impact your medication or your health and physical condition.

Before beginning this course, you must complete a Registration Form. By signing and submitting this form you will agree that you:

  • Acknowledge the disclaimer as outlined above.
  • Have consulted your doctor, if you are taking medication for the management of your diabetes, including but not limited to insulin, before beginning this course and will discuss any future changes to any of your medication with your doctor.
  • Understand that any changes you may make to your lifestyle, including, but not limited to, your diet and exercise, may have consequences for your health and physical condition. Being aware of your own health and physical condition, you assume and accept responsibility for these consequences and any potential risks associated with participation in this course.
  • Acknowledge that the course leader (Lesley Adams) and the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) cannot be held responsible for any consequences that arise from changes you make to your lifestyle, following information in this course or otherwise.

You should not give your access link to this course to your family or friends, but anyone you live with can join the webinars. Please do recommend us to other people, but put us in touch with them directly so that we can ensure they have read this information and filled out the appropriate forms first.

Having read the information above in full, you will be sent a Registration Form to complete at the start of the course.  

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail ( or phone / WhatsApp +44 7954 361889).